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  • How much notice do you need for custom arrangements?
    In stock flowers can be arranged in a vase, same day - maybe even while you stand there. Flowers that need to be custom ordered will need at least a 24 hour notice.
  • Can I select and buy individual fresh cut flower stems?
    Absolutely. This is one of the main things Amy wanted to offer when coming up with the idea of the shop AND is the main centerpiece when you walk in. Customers can pull one stem or enough for a mixed bouquet or vased arrangement. This is one of Amy's great pastimes too and she is happy to assist.
  • Do you deliver?
    Yes! Within about a 10-minute drive of the shop, we deliver in the mornings between 8 and 10 am and weekday evenings after 6 pm. There is a small delivery charge.
  • How can I set up a subscription?
    We have a description sheet for receiving arrangements weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, on a schedule that suits you, with delivery or not as needed. Email for more information.
  • Do you do weddings or special events?
    Absolutely, and for such events delivery and set-up or on-site design can be provided also.
  • How can I follow you on social media?
    Instagram: @PetalsRVA
  • Will you design an arrangement in my own vase?
    Yes, bring in any vase you like and we will be happy to fill it with a custom arrangement.
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